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Blind Wizard - WIFI

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Control your blinds from your phone!

With the Blind Wizard you get precise control over all Somfy Motorsied Blinds at home or away using your smartphone or PC, all you need is WI-FI!!

Apple - Android & PC free apps avalible now!

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Installing our app allows you to control motorised blinds, sun screens, shutters, awnings and curtain tracks besides letting you manage the natural light and heat inside your home.

The Blind Wizard system will also provide complete control over rolling garage doors and motorised gates via your Smartphone app.

The Hub works with all products developed by Somfy the market leading suppliers of electric sun screens, blinds and garage doors.  If you have electric blinds, sun screen rollers and garage doors from other manufacturers installed at home, we provide specific modules that let you control these too.

Benefits and Advantages!

Smartphone-Enabled Raising and Lowering of Blinds

The Blind Wizard App allows you to control each of your window treatment devices just by tapping your smartphone.  With Blind Wizard, you no longer have to manually adjust your blinds, curtains and sun screens to adjust natural lighting inside your home.  You can either adjust individual shades, or group them together using an ‘action’ function.


Make your Blinds and Curtains Follow Routines!

With Blind Wizard, you can make your blinds work with weather monitors so they work in tandem, by using this function you can monitor the heat from inside or outside your home and adjust your blinds automatically, you can also set the living room blinds to open when the sun sets, or automate your sun blinds to lower when the temperature reaches your desired temperature.  

Control your garage door from the road!

The Blind Wizard system provides you the convenience of opening and closing your garage door without even getting out of the car.  You can get a smart system that responds to your needs especially after a hard day’s work in the office.

Set a time for your blinds to open or close!

Set preset times each day to open or close your blinds, you can keep your family’s privacy intact whilst keeping potential intruders at bay.  This automatic opening/closing routine will give the impression that your home is occupied at all times and even switch lights on or off whilst your away!


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