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  • Venetian Blinds -...
    Our Venetians come in an astonishing range of over 150 different materials, sizes, colours, finishes. Suede, Perforated, Mirror, Hammer, Marble, are all examples of the seemingly limitless choice of styles now available to choose from, in either 16, 25, 35 or 50 mm widths.Along with the vast choice of finishes and the precise control over light, it is the diverse range of control options that make Venetian blinds such a popular solution. As well as the stardard cord and wand tilt controls, Ventian blinds can be operated via: crank handle, motorised, endless cord loop, ball chain gear, and knob-tilt cable for use in double glazed partitionsContact us for details - 01732 469418
  • Roller Blinds - Motorised
    For all-round suitability and practicality the roller blind is hard to beat, and is a good solution for just about any situation. The variety of fabrics, finishes and accessories available mean the design possibilities are virtually endless. Choose from children's prints for nurseries and playrooms, plain colours to compliment patterned curtains, antiglare ranges for office computer users and add special edge finishes for a style which will compliment any decor, from the traditional to the ultra modern.Our roller blinds come in a range of systems to suit specific requirements with barrel sizes from 28 mm up to 103 mm, any size opening can be catered for. Control options can be spring, chain, gear or motorised low-volt, 240 volt and solar power.For further detail please contact us on 01732 469 418
  • Blackout Blinds -...
    Our range of blackout blinds can provide up to 100% blackout if necessary, making them the perfect choice for darkrooms, home cinema applications, children's bedrooms, classrooms etc.. by using side channels and bottom u channels to create a light exclusion frame around your window.Currently available in 4 different systems with a range of control options to make them versatile enough to use in almost any situation. Their rigid design and stable operation make them especially popular for use in boats and caravans.For further detail please contact us on 01732 469 418
  • Roman Blinds - Motorised
    A roman blind combines the functionality of a window shade with the decorative impact of a soft furnishing perhaps better than any other blind type. A Somfy roman blind system goes one step further by endowing the roman blind with fingertip adjustment. This is achieved by using the our roller blind mechanism as the operating system - simply raise or lower the blind and the fabric folds perfectly, as if by magic. Personalise your Somfy roman blind by selecting a co-ordinating or contrasing fabric insert for the pelmet facia or bottom bar, alternatively request a braid trim or detail to add to the bottom of the blind.The fabric choices available are extensive and cover all varieties of decorative themes and requirementsFor further detail please contact us on 01732 469 418
  • Vertical Blinds -...
    The motorised vertical blind system has proven itself in practice world-wide and ensures a wide range of possible applications.More than 20 different blind types and shapes, different louvre stacking variants and operating mechanisms, contribute to this perfect synthesis of decoration, sun protection and architecture. •Modular design for maximum coverage •Shaped blinds to fit and enhance architectural window features •Numerous control variants ensure the ideal operation technique for each location •Motorised control options maximise ease of operationFor further detail please contact us on 01732 469 418 Using Benthin motorised unique system integrating into Somfy wireless systems with ease
  • Vision/ Duo Roll...
    Vision blinds combine the elegant light diffusion of sheer fabric with the stylish practicality of a roller blind.The contemporary bold horizontal stripes move effortlessly from transparency to dim out.Vision blinds can be adjusted sensitively to provide immediate privacy or instant transparency; or they can be fully retracted to provide a clear view to the outside.Contact us for details - 01732 469418
  • Battery or Solar...
    Motorised roller, Roman & Blackout blinds are now available Wire Free!-------------------------------------------------------------The new WireFree™ solar pack harnesses renewable solar energy to power WireFree™ motorized window coverings. This latest innovation from Somfy offers a green alternative to powering WireFree™ motorized window coverings by eliminating the need to replace and dispose of batteries. This solar-powered solution offers the following benefits: ◦Patented energy saving technology uses sunlight to power the motorized window covering(s). ◦Maintenance-free solution that doesn't require the use of an electrician. ◦Convenient and cost-effective - reduces battery replacement and preserves environment. ◦Easy to install for new and existing window covering installations. ◦Discreet low profile solar (photovoltaic) panel is easy to conceal. ◦Improved long life batteries (NiMH) for increased performance. ◦Compatible with all Somfy WireFree™ motors.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------How does it work?The solar (photovolatic) panel is simply mounted on in the inside of the window opening and converts the sun's light into electrical energy. The harnessed electrical energy is stored within a special Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery which powers any Somfy WireFree™ motorized window covering, resulting in a maintenance-free, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable lithium batteries.The WireFree™ Solar Pack can be used in a wide array of environments* ◦Windows facing North, South, East or West exposures ◦High sun or limited sun areas year round ◦Most window types including single pane, double pane, and energy saving glass.Contact us for details - 01732 469418
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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items